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Why Business & Management Degrees are popular

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Why Business & Management Degrees are popular

‘Business studies graduates are more likely to be employed three months after graduating than other graduates’.

Business and management degrees are popular university courses because they open doors to more careers than other undergraduate degrees. Graduates are recruited directly into industry and commerce. The route into work for graduates with arts degrees or more general degrees is often an expensive master’s degree.

Major employers such as PWC and Ernst and Young take business studies graduates from highly-rated business schools because their graduates have experience of work and know about finance and strategy. Many business degrees offer a year in industry as part of a four-year course and all degrees include some form of work placement.

Amrit Nahbubani, 25, who studied accounting and finance at Warwick University’s business school, was offered a job at Ernst and Young after he completed his year in industry with the company. Three years after graduating, he is earning £45,000 as an assurance executive with Ernst and Young.

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