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Investment in Young People

The business mark for corporate social responsibility

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Investment in Young People

IiYP is a National Award that recognises the important work that small to medium businesses carry out in assisting young people aged 5 to 25 gain employability skills and who assist them with the transition from education into the world of work.

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Why you should sign up?

Being recognised as an Investment in Young People company shows your commitment in supporting the development of a Young Persons 'employability skills' and their understanding of work and support for their future careers and employment.

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What do I need to do?

Work with your local school or college by engaging in a range of activities that help students gain a better understanding of enterprise and the world of work as well as assisting to gain a range of employability skills. You will also need to complete the online application form.

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23rd April 2018 No Comments

Elearning market worth over $200bn by 2024

eLearning Market size is set to exceed USD 200 billion by 2024; according to a research report by Global Market Insights. A major factor contributing to the high growth of the e-learning market is the rising shift towards flexible education solutions in the corporate and the academic sector. These solutions allow students and employees operating […]

22nd March 2018 No Comments

Government’s Review of Post-18 Education and Funding invites views

The independent panel supporting the Government’s Review of Post-18 Education and Funding invites views to inform its work. The independent panel appointed to inform the Government’s Review of Post-18 Education and Funding has launched a call for evidence. The panel is seeking views from all interested parties on the four areas it has been asked to consider: […]

19th February 2018 No Comments

Gender gap in university applications at record high

Gender gap in university applications at record high, Ucas figures show. Females students are a third more likely to apply to degree courses than their male peers, new data from the university admissions body reveals. The gap between females and males applying for university reaches record high, new figures reveal. In England, young women are […]